The double bass violin conforms to the laws of physics. My clients often bring in basses with various problems that inhibit the instrument's ability to produce the sound they were crafted to produce. Much of my time with clients is spent explaining how their bass violin works and how any proposed work might affect it. I tell my clients, in language they can understand, what I will do to their instrument and what will happen to the sound and/or playability. The set up in particular has to be done to allow the instrument to resonate as much as it can. I seldom see a bass I can't improve by adjusting the sound post & bridge or dressing the fingerboard correctly. In my opinion there is no "Secret of Stradivarius"- but he was a great craftsman. I believe that the graduation of the top plate and the installation, placement and shaping of the bass bar have a huge affect on the volume, tone and responsiveness of a violin and when properly done might seem like magic. Matching the neck set of the bass to the specifics of its top is vital as well.

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When you come to my shop you deal directly with me (You can also ship me your bass). Together we examine your bass and discuss what you need or want done. I do all the work, either at my High Falls shop, where I do all large restoration projects, as well as making basses (including my Vertical Bass and the new Merchant Traveler Bass); or at my shop at 208 West 29th Street in Manhattan. I see clients by appointment only, so you get my undivided attention. I am usually in my NYC shop on Tuesdays & Thursdays, High Falls on the other days. My relatively low overhead enables me to perform the highest quality work & still keep my prices reasonable.I arrange my work schedule such that your bass is out of your hands for as little time as possible- I don't take an instrument in for repair until I have time to work on it and I have loaners available when needed. Minor adjustments and repairs are done the same day when possible. Mine is not a high volume shop where you may not even talk to the person who does your work.

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