The double bass is not just a larger violin. Bill Merchant has over thirty years experience repairing basses for an international clientele of both classical and jazz musicians, working in Manhattan and, since 1995, in High Falls, N.Y. as well.  

You can ship your bass to me for repairs
(I can send you a trunk if need be). This is obviously only worthwhile for larger repair jobs, restorations, over hauls and major re-set ups (new fingerboard or bridge, new bass bar, etc.) I can send you photos of the work as it progresses so it is the same as if you brought the bass to me yourself.  

I give you an estimate of probable costs after we consult via e-mail and/or the telephone. I give an estimate at that time. When the top or back is to come off, the final price is given immediately after the plate's removal. I always take before and after pictures of the inside of the top of every job I do and can supply them to you (just ask!).


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