Welcome to the site of bass luthier Bill Merchant. Since 1978 I have devoted my professional life to the restoration and repair of double basses. In that time I found individual attention the only way to insure the highest quality work. Double bass repair & restoration is my passion as well as my livelhood. I now work by myself, both in NYC and at my main shop, in High Falls, N.Y. I collect & use antique hand tools in my work to best duplicate the methods of the masters who created these wonderful instruments. My over 30 years of experience aided me in the design of the Merchant Vertical Bass- the only electric upright hand crafted by a bass luthier to sound and play like an acoustic, and now made collapsible (in less than a minute), for easy transport. I am proud to present my new travel bass option- The Merchant Traveler Bass.

I am proud to have contributed most of the pictures as well as design, editing & text to my mentor Chuck Traeger's unique & important bass repair book- "The Setup & Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound"

The Merchant Traveler Bass- A real upright in a travel package that is only 47 pounds! Made in the USA by Upton Bass.
Custom modification to ANY bass to make the neck bolt on for ease of travel.


Collapses to a 35 pound package which is under the size limits of most airlines. The first and only electric upright bass that sounds and plays like an acoustic.

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