A double bass is hard to travel with and post 9-11 airline regulations have made it even harder for touring bassists. Some players find my electric upright, The Merchant Vertical Bass to be the solution. For players who require a regular acoustic bass sound & appearance I designed the Merchant Traveler Bass. My Traveler Bass is a 3/4 size double bass violin made with narrower ribs, like the 1930's basses of Voit & Geiger, but with a quick, solid & easy to use bolt in removable neck. In its ultra light weight shipping case it has a travel weight of just 47 pounds fulled packed- without any sacrifice in sound & playabilty!

I can modify ANY bass' neck to make it bolt in, usually for under $500. I also have cases for such a modified bass, for $1,000. My bolt in neck is actually stronger than a traditional glued neck join. Clients have remarked that their bass sounded louder after the adaptation. A regular bass in its travel case weighs around 65 pounds.

The bass can be easily disassembled by the player to pack and ship, in just a few minutes. I glue the sound post in so it won't fall when not in tension- I can easly unglue the post for any adjustments or replacement. A velcro strap holds the strings at the fingerboard to keep them from unraveling, just like with my MVB-2 folding electric upright bass.

The Merchant Traveler Bass is hand made to my specifications by the craftsman at Upton Bass in Connecticut. I am proud to offer such a high quality American made instrument (especially at a time when too many manufacturers & retailers are sending our money overseas!). The basic instrument is all high quality plywood. The deluxe bass is a hybrid plywood with a carved spruce top.



Mensure- 41 to 41 1/2 inches
Overall height- 75 inches with the neck on
Body height- 44 1/2 inches
Lower bout- 26 inches
Upper bout- 20 1/2 inches
Ribs- 3 inches

Shipping case- 52" x 34" x 9"
Weight- 47 pounds loaded

$4,500.00 for the standard bass
$5,700.00 for Deluxe Hybrid (with carved spruce top)
(prices FOB High Falls, NY plus shipping and/or taxes where applicable)

E-mail me-Bill@merchantbass.com for availibilty.


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