I use a compass to transfer the top curve to the aged spruce blank.  I saw to that line and fit it to the top with hand tools.  I rub the bar blank in chalk on the inside of the top, which shows where the wood touches.

Wherever there is chalk I shave the bass bar until the entire bottom surface fits the inside of the top.  I typically spring in the bar, fitting it such that the ends of the bar don't touch until clamped in.  I center the spring to where the bridge foot will sit.

The bass bar is then glued in with hot hide glue.  I use 10-12 clamps to hold the bar until the glue dries.
The new bar has to be carefully shaped, tap tuned to a half step higher than the top.  I take a few days to finish it.  

Next I have three sections of the top edges to re-build.  

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