The rib has a punch, where it is split across the grain.  I have to use a patch large enough to support the whole area.  I make the patch from thin tulipwood (poplar) with the grain 90 degrees to the rib's.

I use 1 inch square patches of the same wood at both ends of rib cracks with some spaced between where necessary.  The linen is from an earlier repair but was sound so I took it out only where I was putting patches.

I put a patch at the block ends of rib cracks to help prevent the rib from lifting off the block there.  This can happen as the rib maple dries & shrinks.

When all the internal repairs are finished, the top is glued to the ribs with a thin hide glue.

With the top on, I can fit and glue the overlay for the top of the new edging.

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