This 3/4 size carved bass was made circa 1930 in Czechoslovakia, probably for the American market.  It has a facsimile Stradivarius label typical of these basses.  (Most experts agree that Strad only made one, small bass.)  

The neck was broken out of its' block in transit, damaging the top and block.  The client wants me to repair everything and replace the bass bar.  There are a pair of cracks right under the bar, making this repair a little more involved.  

There are sections of the top edges that need re-building.  The bass has a punch in the lower bout rib and a few rib cracks.  The back has shrunk enough that the ribs overhang on the bottom, so I will be shortening them at the endpin block.  

The first thing is to re-assemble the top and patch what isn't in the way of the new bar.   

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